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Title Politikal na Pinoy Meme Bilang Kontra-Gahum
Posted by Mary Ann Sandoval
Authors Victorio, Ivy C.; Sandoval, Mary Ann S.
Publication date 2015
Journal Mindanao Forum
Issue Dec 2015
Pages 171-191
Publisher Mindanao State Univesity
Abstract Power comes in different forms and the use of arts and literature can be considered as power in some ways. This paper talks about the political Pinoy meme as counter-hegemony. It discusses how these Pinoy memes are being used by the people in expressing themselves and how it reflect Philippine society and politics where the memes are being used as an instrument in criticizing people in high positions like the politicians, the President of the Philippines and even people who are involved in controversial issues. Political Pinoy meme is a new form of protest in the virtual world and it serves as reminder to the Filipinos about the historical happenings in the country and the issues that the people should be aware of and be involved in.
Index terms / Keywords carnivalesque, deconstruction, kontra-gahum, political Pinoy meme