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Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology

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Evaluation of the Embryotoxic and Teratogenic Effects of Decalobanthus peltatus (Buwakan) Leaf Extract on Duck Embryo Conference
Merrah Joy B. Subebe, Josephine C. Ogaro, Melanie Dayon, Michael Muhmin Manting, Aki Murashima, Akiko Omori, Jaime Q. Guihawan, Mylene M. Uy Ahmad Reza Mazahery, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin
56th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Developmental Biologist
Spatio-temporal expression pattern and role of the tight junction protein MarvelD3 in pancreas development and function Journal
Charlotte Heymans, Catherine Spourquet, Ophélie Delcorte, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin, Sébastien Dupasquier, Younes Achouri, Siam Mahibullah, Pascale Lemoine, Maria S. Balda, Karl Matter, Christophe E. Pierreux
Scientific Reports 11, 14519
Copper and critical metals production from porphyry ores and E-wastes: A review of resource availability, processing/recycling challenges, socio-environmental aspects, and sustainability issues Journal
Carlito Baltzar Tabelin, Ilhwan Park, Theerayut Phengsaart, Sanghee Jeon, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin, Dennis Alonzo, Kyoungkeun Yoo, Mayumi Ito, Naoki Hiroyoshi
Resources, Conservation & Recycling 170, 105610
Synthesis and characterization of coal fly ash and palm oil fuel ash modified artisanal and small-scale gold mine (ASGM) tailings based geopolymer using sugar mill lime sludge as Ca-based activator Journal
Einstine M. Opiso, Carlito B. Tabelin, Christian V. Maestre, John Paul J. Aseniero, Ilhwan Park, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin
Heliyon 7 (4), e06654
Solid-phase partitioning and release-retention mechansims of copper, lead, zinc and arsenic in soild impacted by artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) activities Journal
Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Marthias Silwamba, Florifern C Paglinawan, Alissa Jane S Mondejar, Ho Gia Duc, Vannie Joy Resabal, Einstine M Opiso, Toshifumi Igarashi, Shingo Tomiyama, Mayumi Ito, Naoki Hiroyoshi, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin
Chemosphere 260, 127574
Acid mine drainage formation and arsenic mobility under strongly acidic conditions: Importance of soluble phases, iron oxyhydroxides/oxides and nature of oxidation layer on pyrite Journal
Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Ryan D. Corpuz, Toshifumi Igarashi, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin, Richard Diaz Alorro, Kyoungkeun Yoo, Simit Raval, Mayumi Ito, Naoki Hiroyoshi
Journal of Hazardous Materials 399, 122844
Hematite-catalysed scorodite formation as a novel arsenic immobilisation strategy under ambient conditions Journal
Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Ryan D. Corpuz, Toshifumi Igarashi, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin, Mayumi Ito, Naoki Hiroyoshi
Chemosphere 233, 946-953
Arsenic, selenium, boron, lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc in naturally contaminated rocks: A review of their sources, modes of enrichment, mechanisms of release and mitigation strategies Journal
Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Toshifumi Igarashi, Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin, Ilhwan Park, Einstine, M. Opiso, Mayumi Ito, Naoki Hiroyoshi
Science of the Total Environment 645, 1522-1553
Thyroid follicle development requires Smad1/5-and endothelial cell-dependent basement membrane assembly Journal
Mylah Villacorte, Anne-Sophie Delmarcelle, Manon Lernoux, Mahé Bouquet, Pascale Lemoine, Jennifer Bolsée, Lieve Umans, Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes, Patrick Van Der Smissen, Takako Sasaki, Guido Bommer, Patrick Henriet, Samuel Refetoff, Frédéric P Lemaigre, An Zwijsen, Pierre J Courtoy, Christophe E Pierreux
Development 143 (11), 1958-1970
An ex vivo culture system to study thyroid development Journal
Anne-Sophie Delmarcelle, Mylah Villacorte, Anne-Christine Hick, Christophe E Pierreux
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) (88), e51641
Beta-catenin signaling regulates Foxa2 expression during endometrial hyperplasia Journal
M Villacorte, K Suzuki, Akira Hirasawa, Y Ohkawa, M Suyama, T Maruyama, Daisuke Aoki, Y Ogino, Shinichi Miyagawa, T Terabayashi, Y Tomooka, N Nakagata, G Yamada
Oncogene 32 (29), 3477-3482
Epithelial Bmp (Bone morphogenetic protein) signaling for bulbourethral gland development: a mouse model for congenital cystic dilation Journal
Akiko Omori, Masayo Harada, Sho Ohta, Mylah Villacorte, Yoshiki Sugimura, Taizou Shiraishi, Kentaro Suzuki, Naomi Nakagata, Takaaki Ito, Gen Yamada
Congenital Anomalies 51 (3), 102-109
Antagonistic crosstalk of Wnt/beta-catenin/Bmp signaling within the Apical Ectodermal Ridge (AER) regulates interdigit formation Journal
Mylah Villacorte, Kentaro Suzuki, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes, Ryuma Haraguchi, Makoto M Taketo, Naomi Nakagata, Gen Yamada
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 391 (4), 1653-1657
Embryonic hair follicle fate change by augmented Beta-catenin through Shh and Bmp signaling Journal
Kentaro Suzuki, Yuji Yamaguchi, Mylah Villacorte, Kenichiro Mihara, Masashi Akiyama, Hiroshi Shimizu, Makoto M Taketo, Naomi Nakagata, Tadasuke Tsukiyama, Terry P Yamaguchi, Walter Birchmeier, Shigeaki Kato, Gen Yamada
Development 136 (3), 367-372
Arsenic Immobilization in secondary mineral phases during acid mine drainage formation Conference
Mylah Villacorte-Tabelin, Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Ryan Corpuz, Toshifumi Igarashi
International Conference on Environment and Forest Conservation


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