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Title Elliptic Fourier Analysis (EFA) of leaflet outline differences in thirteen species of weed legumes
Posted by Muhmin Michael Manting
Authors MAJ Torres, MME Manting, CG Demayo
Publication date 2008
Journal formerly Nature's Bulletin
Abstract The purpose of this study is to showcase an application of an automatic procedure of leaflet shape characterization using advances in image analysis techniques and elliptical Fourier methods. Leaflets outlines of a total of thirteen species of weed legumes were automatically extracted and characterized using available image processing tools and stored as chain codes. Step by step reconstruction of outlines were performed to determine salient features of the leaflets using Elliptic Fourier analysis. Principal component analysis of the elliptic descriptors and step by step reconstructions of the shapes of the leaflets allowed a considerably easier documentation of intra-and inter specific variations among the species of legumes. The results of this study are discussed in the light of how these new tools could open interesting perspectives in the unending inquiry into the biology of weeds.