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Title Preparation of Crosslinked Alginate-Cellulose Derivative Microparticles for Protein Delivery
Posted by Rodel Guerrero
Authors Guerrero, Rodel D.; Heng, Paul WS; and Tumolva, Terence P.
Publication date 2022/09/09
Journal Key Engineering Materials
Volume 931
Pages 69-75
Publisher Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.
Abstract Microparticle protein delivery system using alginate and cellulose derivative (HPC, HEC and CMC) composite system was prepared using external gelation with vibration technology. Bovine serum albumin (BSA) as a model protein was encapsulated using these biodegradable materials. This preparation showed an increase in encapsulation efficiency in comparison to the samples where pure alginate was used as the encapsulating material. Compared with the other microparticles, the 50:50 alginate/HEC samples exhibited significant encapsulation efficiency. Consequently, its release rate in the acidic medium was comparatively substantial and higher cumulative release in the simulated intestinal fluid (SIF) medium at the end of the dissolution study was observed to be high at around 86.17%.
Index terms / Keywords Alginate, Cellulose, Ionotropic Gelation, Microencapsulation, Protein