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Title Rafflesia mixta (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
Posted by Muhmin Michael Manting
Authors Julie F. Barcelona, Muhmin Michael E. Manting, Romel B. Arbolonio, Rolly B. Carballero, Pieter B. Pelser
Publication date 2014
Journal Phytotaxa ISSN 1179-3155 (print); ISSN 1179-3163 (online)
Volume Vol 174
Issue No 5
Pages 272–278
Publisher Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand
Abstract Rafflesia mixta Barcelona, Manting, Arbolonio, Caballero & Pelser is described as a new species from the Caraga Region of northeastern Mindanao, Philippines. In their general morphology, the flowers of this species most closely resemble those of R. mira, but they are different in details of the perigone warts and processes, disk color, and relative size of the diaphragm opening. This discovery brings the total number of Philippine Rafflesia species to twelve, of which four are found on the island of Mindanao.
Index terms / Keywords Caraga Region, Mainit, Mamanwa tribe, parasitic plants, taxonomy