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Title Innovative Multi-Power Source Device: Product Evaluation and Cost Analysis
Posted by Christopher Dumadag
Authors Christopher T. Dumadag
Publication date 2020/06
Journal International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends
Volume Volume 6,
Issue Issue 3
Abstract This study is focused on Overall Acceptability in terms of Product Evaluation (functionality, safety, reliability, efficiency) and Cost Analysis, of the Innovative Multi-Power Source Device. The study made of use of descriptive research design, descriptive statistics (means, percentages and standard deviations). The result showed that the developed Innovative Multi-Power Source Device performs successfully according to its design specification. It can be used as phase converter to operate three-phase motor from a single-phase power supply, change the direction of an electric motor in forward/reverse and be controlled the device manually or by using remote, and time switch and On-delay functions adequately. Aside from it residential and industrial application, it can also be used as a training material for technician teacher educator in teaching electrical motor control and phase converter. It is also worth an investment, as it has low production cost but higher possible profits. It is recommended therefore that this can be used to those end-users with low budget but needs a phase converter both residentials and industrial application. Electrical establishments should have mass production of this device to address the needs of the potential consumer of the device. Electrical instructor should also consider this device as training material in teaching electrical motor control and phase converter. Keywords– Acceptability, Product Evaluation, Cost Analysis, Innovative Multi-Power Source Device