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Title Acceptability of Electrical Installation and Maintenance Instructional Trainer
Posted by Victor Rosales
Authors Victor S. Rosales
Publication date 2022/08/31
Journal Asia Research Network Journal of Education (ARNJE)
Volume Volume 2
Issue No. 2
Pages 84-101
Publisher ASEAN Research Network on STEM education
Abstract The study aimed to evaluate the acceptability of the instructional trainer in teaching Electrical Installation and Maintenance National Certificate Level Two at Dalipuga National High School-Senior High School Department during the first semester of 2018-2019. Grade Twelve electrical installation and maintenance students and licensed electrical practitioners-experts from the academe and the industry served as evaluators of the instructional trainer. The researcher used an adopted and modified questionnaire to determine the acceptability of the instructional trainer concerning its effectiveness, workmanship, functionality, safety, and user-friendly. The level of acceptability of the developed trainer as evaluated by students and professionals is determined using descriptive statistics such as frequency count, percentages, weighted mean, and standard deviation. Based on the result of the study, the instructional trainer was very good in terms of effectiveness, workmanship, functionality, safety, and user-friendly. In terms of ranking, effectiveness and user-friendly rank the highest, followed by safety, workmanship, and functionality. All of these are very good, so the results implied that the instructional trainer is helpful in the training and learning required electrical installation and maintenance competencies.
Index terms / Keywords acceptability; electrical installation and maintenance; instructional trainer; competencies