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Title Occurrence of COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) litters along the eastern coast of Palawan Island, Philippines
Posted by Hernando Bacosa
Authors Recca E.Sajorne, Genese Divine B. Cayabo, John Roderick V.Madarcos, Karen G.Madarcos, Dawin M.Omar Jr., Lucio B. Ardines, Serdon A. Sabtal, Jhonamie A. Mabuhay-Omar, Victoria Cheung, Lota A. Creencia, Hernando P. Bacosa
Publication date 2022
Journal Marine Pollution Bulletin
Volume 182
Issue 113934
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide health constraints. This study was conducted to establish a baseline monitoring survey to describe the distribution of PPE litters during the COVID-19 pandemic in the province of Palawan, Philippines. A total of 386 COVID-19-related PPE items were present in 83 % of coastal sampling sites with over a cumulative area of 48,200 m2, with a density of 8 × 10−3 items m−2. The facemask (98 %; n = 377) was the primary type of PPE, followed by face shield (2 %; n = 9). Meanwhile, the daily density of PPE litters in San Manuel, Puerto Princesa ranged from 0 to 9.9 × 10−2 items m−2, with a mean density of 8 × 10−3 items m−2. The accumulation rates of PPE items ranged from 3.27 × 10−1 items to 1.143 items d−1, with an average rate of 7.29 × 10−1 items d−1.
Index terms / Keywords Coronavirus, Pandemic, Facemask, Face shield, Accumulation Microplastic,