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Title Species composition of cave-dwelling reptiles and their micro- habitats in Agusan del Sur, Philippines
Posted by Olga Nueza
Authors Rhim Ayyah C. Kamir* & Olga M. Nuñeza
Publication date 2022
Journal Biodiversity Journal
Volume 13
Issue 2
Abstract There are more than 1500 caves known in the Philippines which provide refuge, shelter, and food to many vertebrates including reptiles. The microhabitats inside and around the caves are essential in the survival of these cave-dwelling reptiles. In this work, we provide the checklist and microhabitat utilized by different lizards and snakes occupying cave habitats in Agusan del Sur. We used modified cruising method and visual encounter search to survey reptiles in eight selected caves from Agusan del Sur. A total of ten species belonging to three different families of which seven are Philippine endemic (70%) species were documented. Most of the species were recorded in Agpan cave, Municipality of Trento. Scincid lizards were the most diverse family of reptiles documented to inhabit rotten logs, leaf piles, rocks, and wall crevices of the cave entrances. The presence of these endemic lizards and snakes validates the impor- tance of this natural ecosystem for its conservation and protection.