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Title Non-equilibrium tracer dynamics in oscillating active gel
Posted by Mark Nolan Confesor
Authors Rosario Reserva, Jae Lord Dexter Filipinas, Michael Jade Jerez and Mark Nolan Confesor
Publication date 2022
Journal Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
Volume 603
Pages 127812
Abstract Non-equilibrium features in active gels are commonly assessed by the van Hove distribution (VHD) of tracer bead displacement. For instance, pulsed stress is shown to cause side peaks in the VHD such as those induced by Myosin-II motors. Here, we report the same side peaks in the VHD of tracer beads that are periodically displaced by the shuttle streaming of Physarum polycephalum. On the other hand, the mean square displacement (MSD) of tracer trajectory includes oscillatory components, which are not expected for a pulsed stress source. Thus, the VHD and a dynamical measurement is needed to fully characterize tracer dynamics. We present a modified active trap model that fully captures the experimental data for this class of oscillating active gel.
Index terms / Keywords Active gel; Physarum polycephalum