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Title The amphipods (Crustacea: Peracarida) of Southeast Asia and the neighboring regions: an updated checklist with new records of endemic species.
Posted by Ephrime Metillo
Authors Abdul Rahim, Azman; Metillo, Ephrime B.; et al.
Publication date 2021/09/27
Journal Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin
Volume 78
Pages 42-84
Publisher Phuket Marine Biological Center
Abstract A review of the published literature, including recent systematic reviews, reveals that 605 known amphipods species have been recorded in Southeast Asia and the neighbouring waters, including 52 caprelloid species, 34 talitrid species and 520 gammaridean species. These 605 species are classified into 70 families and 239 genera, with the Ampeliscidae having the most diversity (61 species), followed by Caprellidae (52 species), Maeridae (57 species), Aoridae (39 species), Corophiidae (29 species). Additionally, 65 families with fewer than 30 species are recorded. The total number of species is spread across 11 bordering countries, namely Indonesia (149 species), the People’s Republic of China (124), Vietnam (124 species), Thailand (70 species), Malaysia (59 species), the Philippines (53 species), Singapore (32 species), Timor-Leste (12 species), Brunei (3 species) and Myanmar (3 species). Cambodia had the fewest species recorded that this could simply reflect a lack of data from this area.
Index terms / Keywords Amphipods, checklist, Senticaudata, Southeast Asia.