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Title New Insights into the Morphology and Distribution of the Poorly Known Philippine Endemic Hoya josetteae (Apocynaceae, Marsdenieae) with Notes on its Conservation Status
Posted by Olga Nueza
Authors Mark Arcebal K Naive, A Al James, Keren Jollia M Nuñeza, Olga M Nuñeza, Jorge Sahagun, Fernando B Aurigue.
Publication date 2022
Journal Philippine Journal of Science
Volume 151
Issue 3
Pages 1221-1228
Abstract Hoya josetteae is a poorly known Philippine endemic species described by Milton Medina and Dale Kloppenburg in 2016 based on a single specimen collected from Maharlika, Marilog District, Davao City. In May 2021, we have serendipitously recollected the species in Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, extending its distributional range northward of Mindanao island. Here, we provide a detailed description of H. josetteae based on our recent collection, comparison with its allied species, color photographs to aid easy identification, updated geographical distribution information, ecology, phenology, and an IUCN conservation assessment.
Index terms / Keywords critically endangered, Gingoog City, Hoya section Acanthostemma, Misamis Oriental, Philippine flora