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Title Development of Problem-Solving Approach Lesson Plans in Geometry
Posted by Joneil Medina
Authors Medina, Joneil; Bataluna, Gerald; Luib, Joan Rose; Sombilon, Virginia; Malicoban, Elesar
Publication date 2021/12
Journal Asia Research Network Journal of Education
Volume 1
Issue 3
Pages 121-135
Abstract This article is the first of the two-part study of development and implementation of a problem-solving approach lesson plans in Geometry. In this article, the development and evaluation of two lessons utilizing problem approach each on Ratio and Proportion and the Proportional Segments and Basic Proportionality Theorem for Grade 9 is described. Starting from the mapping of competencies, the development of problems, anticipation student solutions and class discussions are detailed. The developed lessons are evaluated by four mathematics experts who are trained in teaching mathematics through problem solving and fourteen pre-service mathematics teachers using a scoring rubric. The scoring rubric emphasized both the technical aspects of the lesson plan and the instructional procedure that followed the problem-solving approach patterned from the teaching mathematics through problem-approach (TMPS). Several revisions were noted to improve the utility of the approach such as that of presenting the problem, multiple anticipated solutions, development of concept through discourse, and generalization. The evaluated lessons are noted to be ready for classroom implementation.
Index terms / Keywords lesson planning, problem-solving, problem-solving approach, development and evaluation