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Title Applied school mathematics-Made in Kaiserslautern: From Concepts to Research to Education
Posted by Wolfgang Bock
Authors Bock, Wolfgang; Bracke, Martin
Publication date 2015
Chapter of the book Currents in Industrial Mathematics
Volume 1
Pages 403-437
Publisher Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
Abstract The role of mathematics in our society has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. In general, however, mathmatics instruction in schools has not kept pace with this change. Here, we describe the activities and events with which the Felix Klein Center for Mathematics, in Kaiserslautern, has tried to address this deficit. We first look briefly at mathematical modeling and illustrate how it fits into mathematics instruction. We then present examples of various didactic activities.
Index terms / Keywords Field Trip; Project Group; Team Teaching; Fraunhofer Institute; Authentic Problem