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Title Conversion of Proprietary 3D Printer for Open-Source Utilization
Posted by Lemuel Clark Velasco
Authors Montes, Edison; Lasmarias, Gil; Escanilla, Ernest John; Velasco, Lemuel Clark
Publication date 2022
Journal Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
Volume 217
Pages 343-355
Publisher Springer, Singapore
Abstract The open-source movement has shifted consumer’s choice of preference from proprietary 3D printers to the assembly and utilization of open-source 3D printers. This paper presents a project procedure plan to be applied in the conversion of a discontinued and phased-out proprietary 3D printer for open-source function, compatibility and utilization. An assessment of the subject machine to be converted highlights the obsolescence of its default firmware and the exclusivity feature of its microcontroller that limits the use of cost-effective third-party 3D printing filaments. Necessary replacements in terms of hardware, firmware and software were conducted to ensure that the 3D printer can facilitate the processing of generic consumables while at the same time producing an acceptable quality of outputs. Results of the conversion procedure exhibit success in converting a proprietary 3D printer for open-source utilization by conducting performance evaluation among its 3D-printed outputs. The processes and results presented in this study clearly show the viability of converting a proprietary 3D printer into an open-source 3D printer that optimizes modularity and cost-effectiveness.
Index terms / Keywords 3D printing, Open-source 3D printers, Open-source machine conversion