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Title The Pan Cue Community as a Subculture
Posted by Merceditha Alicando
Authors Merceditha C. Alicando
Conference 3rd International Research Congress on Higher Education (Subic, Olongapo City)
Abstract This study discusses the pan cue or pan Q community in Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City as a subculture. It describes the community and its members, explains the commonality among them, and illustrates the kind of behavior/interaction produced in such community. Participatory-observation and interview methods were mainly employed and a non-standardized survey questionnaire was used as a tool to gather customer-related information. The findings reveal that the pan cue community has a system of rules of its own and that some members could swap roles. Customers are mostly college students drawn together because of the pan cue's affordability and mouth-watering taste. The community clearly reflects members' different adaptation strategies, depicting their class struggle and resistance or rebellion against the nearby dominant fast food chains and other established foodhouses. It also exemplifies Filipinos' communal behavior and need of sense of belongingness and reveals the members' cultural sensitivity and awareness.
Index terms / Keywords subculture, pan cue, popular culture, community, class struggle