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Title Initial findings suggest box jellyfish encounters along shallow Philippine coastlines are predictable
Posted by Ephrime Metillo
Authors Licuanan WY, Verdadero FXD, Ang JL, de los Santos Jr. B, Metillo EB.
Publication date 2021
Journal Philippine Journal of Science
Volume 150
Issue 6B
Pages 1641-1645
Publisher Department of Science and Technology
Abstract Jellyfish stings account for numerous deaths in the Philippines. Despite this, there is little scientific information on the identity, distribution, seasonality, and ecology of the box jellyfish species involved. We present initial findings of three months (April–June 2021) of monitoring the abundance of and envenomations by box jellyfishes in eastern and western Luzon. Emergent patterns suggest encounters between box jellyfish and people are more likely to occur in beach areas within a few kilometers from rivers when tidal ranges are large, particularly around the flood phase of high tide. Encounters are also more likely on coasts where the monsoon winds blow onshore during the warmer months, bringing these animals closer to beach areas. They then stay longer in the shallows when the seas are calm. Beachgoers are, thus, advised to plan their destinations and activities carefully and wear protective clothing when venturing into shallow coastal areas.
Index terms / Keywords box jellyfish, Chironex, deaths, envenomations, measurement trap