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Title Reversibility in nonequilibrium steady states as a measure of distance from equilibrium
Posted by Mark Nolan Confesor
Authors Michael Jade Y Jerez, Mike A Bonachita, Mark Nolan P Confesor
Publication date 2021
Journal Physical Review E
Volume 104
Issue 4
Pages 004609
Publisher American Physical Society
Abstract From the detailed balance-like relation, we propose a measure, K∗, of a nonequilibrium steady-state (NESS) distance from equilibrium. We investigate in particular the NESS of a particle confined in a time-dependent harmonic potential of constant stiffness but with an ON-OFF state following a telegraph process. Experimental results coupled with simulations show that K∗ increases at slow switching rates (far from equilibrium) and approaches to zero at equilibrium conditions. Thus, the steady-state distribution together with K∗ fully characterizes a NESS.
Index terms / Keywords detailed balance, nonequilibrium steady-state , intermittent harmonic potential