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Title Filipino Physics Teachers' Teaching Challenges and Perception of Essential Skills for a Supportive Learning Environment
Posted by Kim Diate
Authors Diate, Kim ; Mordeno, Ivy Claire
Publication date 2021/08/31
Journal Asia Research Network Journal of Education (ARNJE)
Volume 1
Issue 2
Pages 61-76
Abstract The 2018 result of the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) shows below-average Filipino students' scientific literacy. Trends in International Mathematics and Science Studies (TIMSS) show the same result even after implementing the country's revised basic education curriculum. These findings from international assessments call for researchers and policymakers to analyze the possible interplay of curricular variables contributing to the Filipino students' challenged scientific literacy. This research article employs descriptive research methodology to describe the existing phenomenon of interest, the present teaching and learning status quo. Physics teachers from various provinces in Mindanao participated in a semi-structured interview, and their responses were subjected to thematic analysis. Analysis of their responses led to the exposition of Filipino physics teachers’ teaching challenges, and their perception of essential skills necessary for honing a supportive learning environment. The results reveal that the skills teachers stipulated as essential for a supportive classroom are also the same set of skills that they find challenging in developing in their physics classes. The paper also discusses auxiliary challenges that may have impacted the quality of classroom instruction, which can help shed light on the below-average performance of students in international assessments.
Index terms / Keywords physics education challenges ; improving physics education ; Philippine physics education ; physics teacher’s experience ; successful physics classroom