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Title Resolving Restrained Domination in Graphs
Posted by Helen Rara
Authors Gerald B. Monsanto and Helen M. Rara
Publication date July, 2021
Journal European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Volume 14
Issue No. 3, 2021
Pages 829-841
Publisher New York Business Global
Abstract Let G be a connected graph. Brigham et al. [3] de fined a resolving dominating set as a set S of vertices of a connected graph G that is both resolving and dominating. A set S subset of V (G) is a resolving restrained dominating set of G if S is a resolving dominating set of G and S = V (G) or V (G)S has no isolated vertex. In this paper, we characterize the resolving restrained dominating sets in the join, corona and lexicographic product of graphs and determine the resolving restrained domination number of these graphs.
Index terms / Keywords dominating set, resolving set, resolving dominating set, resolving restrained dominating set, join, corona, lexicographic product
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