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Title Trophic ecology of syntopic anurans of tropical stream communities
Posted by Ephrime Metillo
Authors Plaza, Jesziannlyn; Metillo, Ephrime; Sanguila, Maritess
Publication date 2021/7/9
Journal Journal of Tropical Ecology
Volume 37
Issue 3
Pages 1-9
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Abstract We investigated trophic resource partitioning in seven syntopic anurans from low- and mid-elevation stream habitats of a tropical riparian ecosystem by utilising stomach content analysis (SCA) and stable isotope analysis (SIA). Our SCA data revealed dietary similarities, narrow trophic niche breadth, and low dietary niche overlap in Ansonia muelleri, Limnonectes magnus, Occidozyga laevis, Megophrys stejnegeri, Pulchrana grandocula, Sanguirana mearnsi, and Staurois natator which could be attributed to these anurans’ selection of available local prey items. We confirmed ant-specialisation (myrmecophagy) of the Mindanao island endemic bufonid A. muelleri based on our temporal SCA dietary data. Our SIA estimates of assimilation of potential prey sources confirmed that L. magnus, P. grandocula, and O. laevis are generalist predators, opportunistically feeding on locally abundant insect prey items. This study on trophic resource partitioning in syntopic anurans provides the first picture of trophic interactions, i.e., predation and competition in stream communities in tropical riparian zones of a watershed ecosystem in northeast Mindanao of the southern Philippines.
Index terms / Keywords amphibians; Mindanao Island; southeast Asia; sympatry; trophic niche partitioning
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