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Title Species diversity and functional groups of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Mt. Agad-agad, Iligan City, Philippines
Posted by Eddie Mondejar
Authors Engilee Gabisay; July Jay Amarga; Isidro B. Arquisal; Lady Jane Morilla; Eddie P. Mondejar
Publication date 2021/02
Journal Journal of Biological and Environemntal Sciences
Volume 18
Issue 2
Pages 46-51
Publisher INNSPUB
Abstract Ants play a vital role in various ecological processes in the ecosystem. They are involved in nutrient cycling, soil aeration, seed dispersal, and indicator of habitat condition. The study was conducted to determine the species diversity and functional group composition of ants near the residential area and agro-ecosystem of Mt. Agad-agad, Brgy. Puga-an, Iligan City, Philippines. Ants were collected using baits and hand collecting to sample ants. A total of 4,047 individuals belonging to four subfamilies, 17 genera, and 23 species were documented in the two sampling sites. Species diversity was recorded highest in agro-ecosystem with H’=2.74 and species richness of 3.96. Also, five invasive species, including Paratrechina longicornis was recorded in both sampling sites. The most abundant functional group was Generalized Myrmicinae (36%) near the residential area, while Subordinate Camponotini (29%) in Agro-ecosystem. The result suggests that existing land-use influences species and functional group composition of ants, and the presence of invasive species indicates the magnitude of anthropogenic disturbances in the area.
Index terms / Keywords Agro-ecosystem, Anthropogenic, Invasive, Puga-an, Species richness