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Title Multifunctional Transformable Table: A Pedagogical Tool in Industrial Arts
Posted by Jan Vincent Leuterio
Authors Jan Vincent H. Leuterio; Romeo M. De Asis
Publication date 2020/06
Journal International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends
Volume Volume 6
Issue Issue 3
Abstract This study aimed to develop and evaluate a Multifunctional Transformable Instructional Table for BTLED – Industrial Arts students of the Department of Technology Teacher Education, College of Education, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, A. Bonifacio Ave. Tibanga, Iligan City. This developed table was evaluated by fifty (50) respondents composed of forty (40) students and ten (10) teachers via online evaluation. Then, the designed table was assessed based on the following criteria: usability, portability, aesthetics, and safety. The results were analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics such as weighted mean and standard deviation. A five-point scale was used to indicate the respondents' evaluation. The innovation introduced in this study is the transformable characteristic of a table that can be used not only as a table but one which could be transformed into an instructional board. As a table, it can be used as a teacher's table as well as a demonstration table and as an instructional board it can be used as a whiteboard or a projector screen for multimedia presentations. Moreover, this instructional board can be used as a holder for trainer sets in electrical wiring installation and full-wave rectifier wiring. Results of the evaluation of this transformable table shows that both teachers and students gave a rating of excellent in terms of its usability, portability, aesthetics, and safety, which was described as highly acceptable. It implies that this transformable table can be utilized as an instructional tool or equipment that will aid teachers and students in the teaching and learning process in Industrial Arts. Moreover, this can be of great help to teachers in making instruction more engaging for students as it simulates real scenarios even those that are outside the classroom scenarios.
Index terms / Keywords Multifunctional table, Transformable Table, Instructional board, Instructional tool, Industrial Arts.