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Title Singled Out: Invisibilization of Single Mothers in Social Welfare and Protection Policies
Posted by Queenie Pearl Tomaro
Authors Tomaro, Queenie Pearl ; Genon, Lynrose Jane ; Amod, Al-Farouk
Publication date 2021/06/10
Journal Journal of Government and Politics
Volume 12
Issue 2
Pages 131-152
Publisher Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
Abstract In the context of Southeast Asia, data on the experiences and circumstances of single mothers are sparse and single mothers continue to experience ste- reotypes, discrimination, exclusion from welfare policies, and invisibilization of compounding burdens they carry. This literature mapping of scholarly works on welfare policies for single mothers and their families seeks to highlight single mother’s experiences as inputs for a more gender- and needs-respon- sive policy-making process. The study findings reveal that most Southeast Asian countries have apparent social welfare policies for single mothers ex- cept Laos and Indonesia. Common programs for single mothers include en- trepreneurship capacity and financial aid. A two-pronged approach for South- east Asian Countries that incorporates accessible childcare services and vo- cational training programs is recommended to achieve more promising out- comes for single mothers.
Index terms / Keywords Single Mothers; Social Welfare; Policies