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Title Plastic litter pollution along sandy beaches in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island, Philippines
Posted by Hernando Bacosa
Authors Recca E. Sajorne, Hernando P. Bacosa, Genese Divine B. Cayabo, Lucio B. Ardines Jr, Joel D.C. Sumeldan, Jhonamie M. Omar, Lota A. Creencia
Publication date 2021
Journal Marine Pollution Bulletin
Volume 169
Pages 112520
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract Marine plastic litter pollution has become an emerging threat to the Philippines, especially in Palawan. This study was conducted to investigate the macroplastic litter and determine the clean-coast index (CCI) of the residential and non-residential sites on the coasts of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Plastic litters were sampled from 21 coastal barangays by delineating a 50-m-long transect line with three 4 m × 4 m quadrats. The litter sampled were counted and sorted into categories. The results showed that 17 sites were contaminated with plastic litters. In terms of residential and non-residential sites, the east coast has thrice as much plastic, 2.61 items/m2 and 1.26 items/m2 compared to west coast with only 1.57 items/m2 and 0.14 items/m2, respectively. The plastics sampled were predominantly fishing line (nylon), food packaging, and fragments. The calculated CCI revealed that 76% of the sites sampled were categorized as dirty and extremely dirty.
Index terms / Keywords Beach, Clean-coast index (CCI), Macroplastic, Marine plastic litter, Nylon, Palawan