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Title Utilization of Garcinia Mangostana Pericarp Extract as Natural Coagulant in the Treatment of Domestic Sullage
Posted by Corazon Ligaray
Authors Lacang, Gina; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Ligaray, Corazon
Conference International Virtual Symposium on Environmental and Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development (EnvChem2021)
Abstract Wastewater treatment using chemicals is not only costly but also a threat to aquatic ecosystems due to possible residuals in the effluents. Most treatment industries used the coagulation process using alum or other synthetic coagulants. This paper presents the potential of Garcinia mangostana as a natural coagulant in the removal of selected water quality parameters namely: turbidity, total suspended solids (TSS), and biological oxygen demand (BOD) from domestic sullage generated by the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. Jar test method was used in the optimization of the coagulants and lab analysis used gravimetric method for TSS, dilution technique for BOD, and digital meter for turbidity measurements. Characterization of Garcinia mangostana powdered extract using the FTIR analysis revealed the possible O-H and C-H functional groups which is indicative of the presence of pectin in the mangosteen pericarp. Optimization of pure Garcinia mangostana (M100) pericarp extract using jar test showed the highest efficiency removal for turbidity, BOD and TSS at 50 mg/L at pH9. Using the optimum dosage of 50 mg/L, the optimum settling time was 90 minutes for turbidity, TSS, and BOD for the treatments of C100, M100, A50M50, A25M75 & A75M25. Turbidity percent removal was highest at a treatment combination of A50M50 with a removal efficiency of 93.25% at pH9, percent TSS removal was 93.32% at A50M50 and pH9; whilst percent BOD removal was highest at treatment combination of A75M25 at pH9 with a measured value of 92.12%. Statistical evidence showed significant differences in the measured values among treatment designs with optimum dose. Investigating the influence of mixing intensity, settling rate, contact time, and other variables are suggested for future studies to help improve removal efficiency of water quality parameters in wastewater treatment.
Index terms / Keywords biological oxygen demand; natural coagulant; optimum dosage; total suspended solids; turbidity