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Title Effective Nutrient Removal from Wastewater Using Corchorus Olitorius L. as Natural Coagulant
Posted by Corazon Ligaray
Authors Lacang, Gina; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Ligaray, Corazon
Conference International Virtual Symposium on Environmental and Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development (EnvChem2021)
Abstract The removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater has become a major concern in most treatment industries because it can cause eutrophication in the natural bodies of water. Typical wastewater treatment involves processes like coagulation-flocculation in the removal of pollutants. A chemical coagulant is commonly used, but with the negative impacts on the use of synthetic coagulants, an alternative like the use of bio-coagulant has been studied. In this paper, the potential of Corchorus olitorius L.(COL) to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater has been tested in comparison with Alum. Characterization of powdered COL is done using FTIR, and jar test method is used during the treatment of wastewater with natural coagulant (COL) in varying doses (50mg/L, 100 mg/L, 150 mg/L), at varying pH conditions (pH5, pH7, pH9) at varying settling time (30min, 60 min & 90 min) and at varying treatment design (C100, C50A50, C75A25 & C25A75). Determination of nitrogen and phosphorus before and after treatment was done using colorimetric method. Results of FTIR analysis revealed the possibility of phenol and amino group which could be the reason for boosting the coagulant capability of COL. Results with the different design also revealed that removal of total nitrogen differ with treatment design. For C100, percent nitrogen removal were 75.61% (pH5), 73.68% (pH7) & 69.11% (pH9); for A50C50, nitrogen removal were 84.55% (pH5), 82.11% (pH7), 82.93% (pH9); for A25C75, nitrogen removal were 83.74% (pH5), 81.30% (pH7), & 82.11% (pH9); and for A75C25, removal of nitrogen were 85.37% (pH5), 83.74% (pH7) & 83.74% (pH9). For the removal of phosphorus, it was the highest at treatment combination of A75C25 at 81.48% for pH7 and pH9. It was proven that COL has the capability to remove nutrient in the wastewater. Further studies are recommended by changing other variables to improve nutrient removal efficiency.
Index terms / Keywords characterization, Corchorus olitorius L.; jar test, nutrient removal; wastewater treatment