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Title Dual Continuous Wave Radar for Ground Object Detection in GNU Radio with USRP
Posted by Olga Joy Gerasta
Authors Gerasta, Olga Joy
Publication date 2020/04/23
Journal IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Pages 6
Publisher IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Abstract This research is about the implementation of a dual continuous wave (CW) ground penetrating radar for the Ettus USRP B210 software defined radio device. Two high- powered and low-frequency continuous waves were transmitted on the ground and reflected signals are then processed, displayed and analyzed in real-time to characterize buried objects.
Index terms / Keywords Ground penetrating radar , Reflection , Hardware , Radar detection , Synchronization , Graphical user interfaces
DOI 10.1109/HNICEM48295.2019.9073553