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Title ICT Literacy for Marginalized Girls and Women’s Empowerment
Posted by January Naga
Authors Febro, Januay D.; Catindig, Mia Amor C.; Caparida, Lomesindo T.
Publication date 2021/03/01
Journal Asian Women
Volume 37
Issue 1
Pages 51-91
Publisher Research Institute of Asian Women Sookmyung Women's University
Abstract The gender digital divide still exists. Women and girls, particularly in developing countries such as the Philippines, are faced with the gender-based-digital exclusion that hindered them from utilizing ICTs for economic and social development. It is important to educate women and girls in ICT skills despite their financial and social status if sustainable development goals are to be achieved. This study is concerned with the assessment of the ICT literacy training of marginalized girls and women. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the outcome with regard to the individual empowerment of women and girls. This descriptive case study investigates the contribution of ICT to development from the perspective of the individual empowerment of women participants in ICT literacy training. The population of interest consisted of disadvantaged or marginalized women in Iligan City, Philippines. A convenience judgmental sampling method was used to identify participants for the training. The validity of the questionnaire used was verified by panel experts, and interviews were also used as a complementary instrument. Out of 90 respondents, only 40 women were selected as participants for the first phase of the ICT literacy training. Moreover, the goal was to evaluate the outcome of the training regarding individual empowerment from the perspective of the women participants. The results of the study implied that the training was effective in realizing its objectives—to empower marginalized women and girls through capacity building. This initiative demonstrated responsiveness to the challenges posed by the gender digital divide, which had been identified through data gathering.
Index terms / Keywords Gender digital divide, ICT women empowerment, outcome evaluation, ICT literacy.