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Title Medicinal plants of the Subanens in Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines
Posted by Nanette Hope Sumaya
Authors Lady Jane G Morilla, Nanette Hope N Sumaya, Henry I Rivero, MRSB Madamba
Publication date 2014/1
Conference International Conference on Food, Biological and Medical Sciences
Volume 10
Pages 1-6
Publisher International Institute of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Abstract An ethnomedicinal study was conducted in the three (3) Barangays of Dumingag, Z amboanga del Sur, Philippines using a snowball method. Data were gathered through a series of informal interviews, semistructured questionnaire and discussion among the nine (9) respondents of each sampling area. Sixty (60) medicinal plant species were recorded belonging to twenty nine (29) families identified by the Subanens to treat several ailments such as stomachache, fever, cough, skin and urinary infections. Leaves were the most commonly used plant part and decoction was the most popular method of preparation which was mostly administered orally. Because medicinal plants were widely used by the Subanens, it was necessary to consider the conversation and management of the plant species especially those that are rarely seen nowadays and those that are difficult to cultivate. Further laboratory investigation should be employed on plants for their active components and potential as pharmaceutical products.
Index terms / Keywords ailments, conservation, ethnomedicine and traditional knowledge
DOI DOI:10.15242/iicbe.c0114577