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Title Mangrove diversity, taxonomic classification, and morphological characteristics of natural and reforested mangrove forests in selected municipalities of Zamboanga de Sur, Mindanao Island, Philippines
Posted by Frandel Louis Dagoc
Authors Habagat G. Mariano, Frandel Louis S. Dagoc, Aileen S. Espra and Ruben F. Amparado, Jr.
Publication date 2019/11
Journal Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences
Volume Volume 15
Pages 86-99
Publisher INNSPUB
Abstract This study was conducted in two selected municipalities of Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao Island, Philippines namely; Tambunan Sanctuary (site 1) Barangay Malim, Tabina and Barangay Balong-balong (site 2), Pitogo; respectively. Mangrove trees within the established 15 quadrats (10m×10m) were recorded. For Tambunan Sanctuary, 7 true mangrove species were identified under 3 families with 211 individuals while in Barangay Balong-balong, 5 true mangrove species were identified up to the species level under 3 families with 271 individuals. Avicennia rumphiana was found in both study sites which is known to have the vulnerable conservation status according to the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List while the others are of least concern. R. apiculata has the most number having 111 individuals for site 1 while in site 2 R. mucronata has the highest number of individuals among all the species comprising 88 individuals. For species diversity, site 1 has H’=1.40 while site 2 has H’=1.47 which are categorized as very low diversity by the Shannon-Weiner’s diversity index. For species evenness, site 2 is evenly distributed in the area with an evenness value of 0.92 while site 1 has 0.72. Considering the low species diversity in both sites, proper protection and management intervention measures like planting and growing of appropriate mangrove species are, therefore, recommended.
Index terms / Keywords Species composition, Evenness, R. apiculata, Species diversity, Shannon-Weiner’s diversity index