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Title Species diversity of Odonata in Mimbilisan Protected Landscape, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Posted by Olga Nueza
Authors Ramos,K., Nuñeza, O.M., and R.J. Villanueva
Publication date 2020/12
Journal Asian Journal of Conservation Biology
Volume 9
Issue 2
Pages 280-289
Publisher Turtle Conservation and Research Programme
Abstract The sensitivity of Odonata to changing ecological conditions makes this group an effective indicator of aquatic and terrestrial health. The present study aimed to determine the species diversity and endemism of Odonata in Mimbilisan Protected Landscape. Sampling activity was conducted on July 18 to 28, 2017, using sweep-netting and handpicking methods in two forested sites and one riparian site. One hundred seventy-six individuals comprising 27 species under 10 families and 18 genera of Odonata were documented. Overall, endemism was recorded at 62.96%, including five species exclusive to Mindanao Island. Orthetrum pruinosum clelia and Risiocnemis appendiculata were the most abundant dragonfly and damselfly species, respectively. Findings also revealed highest species richness (S=24) and diversity (H'=2.732) in the forest stream (riparian site). Even distribution of species was observed in all sampling sites. Human-made disturbances were observed in the area. High level of endemism and moderate diversity of Odonata indicate that Mimbilisan Protected Landscape is a healthy area and conservation measures need to be sustained.
Index terms / Keywords Damselfly, Dragonfly, Endemic, Mindanao, Riparian
DOI 05.2016-88933878