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Title Tiger beetles (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae) of Northern Mindanao region (Philippines): checklist, distributional maps, and habitats
Posted by Olga Nueza
Authors Dale Ann P. Acal1, Jürgen Wiesner2, Olga M. Nuñeza1, Radomir Jaskuła3
Publication date 2021/02/12
Journal Zookeys
Volume 1017
Pages 37-75
Publisher Pensoft.Net
Abstract The knowledge about tiger beetle fauna of the Northern Mindanao region (Philippines) is summarized based on literature data and new records. Thirty species classified in ten genera (Tricondyla, Neocollyris, Protocollyris, Therates, Prothyma, Heptodonta, Thopeutica, Lophyra, Calomera, and Cylindera) were docu- mented from the area (56% of tiger beetle fauna of Mindanao and 21% of Philippine species). Twelve spe- cies were noted from Northern Mindanao region for the first time, including five taxa, Neocollyris speciosa, Calomera angulata, Cylindera minuta, Lophyra striolata tenuiscripta, and Thopeutica virginea, not recorded from Mindanao before. Distribution maps for all recorded species and the first photographs of habitats for some species in Mindanao and/or in the Philippines are provided. Eight species (27% of recorded fauna) were noted from riverine habitats while 18 tiger beetles (60%) were typical forest taxa; in the case of four species, their habitats in Northern Mindanao region are not known.
Index terms / Keywords Keywords Endemic species, Calomera, Cylindera, diversity, distribution, Heptodonta, identification key, Lophyra, Neocollyris, Protocollyris, Prothyma, Therates, Tricondyla