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Posted by Abdullah Junior Mangarun
Authors Mangarun, Abdullah Junior S.
Publication date 2021/01/02
Journal The Malaysian Journal of Nursing
Volume Volume 12
Issue Issue 3
Pages 88-93
Publisher Asia Pacific Higher Learning Sdn Bhd., Lincoln University College, Malaysia
Abstract To better understand the life of the couple after remarriage by exploring their experiences including doubts, fears, apprehensions, and satisfaction of their decision to remarry. It also explored similarities and differences compared to the first marriage. The study made use of case study, a qualitative research design. Data collection was carried out for five months from February 2017 to June 2017 from the different Barangays of Iligan City, Philippines. A total of three cases were explored through a one-on-one interview which lasted for 30- 45 minutes per session. Inclusion criteria include being 60 years old and above and must be remarried after the death of the previous spouse. Self-made open-ended questions focused on life after remarriage were raised during the interview. Using qualitative thematic analysis, the three important themes that emerged from the study are the following: that remarriage can bring about (1) remarriage brings forth new found happiness, (2) effective marital performance leads to contentment in remarriage, (3) remarriage brings a lifetime companionship, (4) aging gracefully. It was found out that it is still possible to find fulfillment and better quality of life after remarriage in old age.
Index terms / Keywords Remarriage, Widowhood, Old age, Graceful aging, Quality of life