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Title Optimization of the Mix Formulation of Geopolymer Using Nickel-Laterite Mine Waste and Coal Fly Ash
Posted by Ivyleen Arugay
Authors Longos, A.; Tigue, A.A.;Dollente,I.J.;Malenab, R.A.;Bernardo-Arugay,I.;Hinode, H.;Kurniawan, W. Promentilla, M.A.
Publication date 2020/12/21
Journal Minerals
Volume 10
Issue 1144
Publisher Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Abstract Geopolymer cement has been popularly studied nowadays compared to ordinary Portland cement because it demonstrated superior environmental advantages due to its lower carbon emissions and waste material utilization. This paper focuses on the formulation of geopolymer cement from nickel–laterite mine waste (NMW) and coal fly ash (CFA) as geopolymer precursors, and sodium hydroxide (SH), and sodium silicate (SS) as alkali activators. Different mix formulations of raw materials are prepared to produce a geopolymer based on an I-optimal design and obtained different compressive strengths. A mixed formulation of 50% NMW and 50% CFA, SH-to-SS ratio of 0.5, and an activator-to-precursor ratio of 0.429 yielded the highest 28 d unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of 22.10 ± 5.40 MPa. Furthermore, using an optimized formulation of 50.12% NMW, SH-to-SS ratio of 0.516, and an activator-to-precursor ratio of 0.428, a UCS value of 36.30 ± 3.60 MPa was obtained. The result implies that the synthesized geopolymer material can be potentially used for concrete structures and pavers, pedestrian pavers, light traffic pavers, and plain concrete
Index terms / Keywords geopolymer, laterite, alkali-activated, alumino-silicates, I-optimal, response surface methodology, optimization, mine waste