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Title Red clay-based Ceramic Coating on Stainless Steel Fistula Needle by Electrophoretic Deposition.
Posted by Ivyleen Arugay
Authors BERNARDO ARUGAY, I.C.; Aquiatan, R.H.L.
Publication date 2021/02
Abstract Electrophoretic deposition was employed to deposit red clay-based enamel slurry on the surface of stainless steel (SS) needle. The coverage and adhesion of the red clay-based ceramic coating were explored. Hollow SS steel tube was used as counter electrode and fistula needle as a working electrode in the EPD set- up with the aid of Metrohm Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat. The surface coverage of the coating from the enamel slurries after EPD was investigated by ocular inspection. The coated needles were fired at 850 C to promote adhesion of the coating to the SS needle. The coatings had mass losses of 40% to 100%. The alumina/silica (A/S) ratio of each formulation showed that a mole ratio of above 0.2 has better coverage than the formulation with mole ratio of below 0.2. The coatings from the enamel slurries with A/S ratio of above 0.3 experienced a shrinkage in thickness after firing the coated needles at 850 C. The formulations of each enamel slurries were plotted in the Al O -SiO -RO/R2O system. The ternary system showed that those formulations with good coverage and high thickness have high A/S ratio. Thus, a high A/S ratio in the system promoted a better coverage and high thickness of the coating during electrophoretic deposition. Moreover, the ternary system also showed that those formulations with good adhesion contain high amount of RO/R2O compared to the other formulations.