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Title Dynamics of a ratchet gear powered by an active granular bath
Posted by Mark Nolan Confesor
Authors Michael Jade Y Jerez, Mike A Bonachita, Mark Nolan P Confesor
Publication date 2020
Journal Physical Review E
Volume 101
Issue 2
Pages 022604
Publisher American Physical Society
Abstract Recent experiments show universal features of ratchet gear dynamics that are powered by different types of active baths. We investigate further for the case of a ratchet gear in a bath of self-propelling granular rods (SPRs). The resulting angular velocity was found to follow a nonmonotonic dependence to the SPR concentration similar to the observation from other active bath systems. This behavior is caused by the interplay of the momentum transfer of the SPRs in the trapping regions of the gear and the mean velocity of the SPRs inside the bath. For all SPR concentrations, we found that the angular velocity is proportional to the product of the number of SPRs pushing the gear and the SPRs mean velocity.
Index terms / Keywords active matter, ratchet