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Title Enhancing Preservice Teaching Competence through Collaborative Planning
Posted by Amelia Buan
Authors Amelia T. Buan and Myrna E. Lahoylahoy
Publication date 2017
Chapter of the book Learning Science and Mathematics in the Classroom: Successful Lessons and Practices that Work
Pages 164-180
Abstract This paper utilized quantitative and qualitative data to determine the effect of collaborative planning on the teaching competence of twelve preservice teachers. Working in teams, the preservice teachers implemented a lesson plan and reflect on the instructional procedure during the conduct of the lesson. Prior to collaborative planning, ten out of twelve of preservice teachers were fairly competent and only two were highly competent. After the conduct of collaborative planning, seven out of twelve were rated highly competent and five were rated fairly competent in terms of teaching competence. Teacher and student interactions were also observed using the framework of Cao and He (2009). Teacher – class interaction was found to be the main interaction activity while teacher - individual interaction was the least observed form of teacher- student interaction during the first implementation. Ten out of twelve of the preservice teachers improved teacher – group interaction during second implementation. The increase of interaction was observed in monitoring progress of the students during problem solving tasks. It was also observed that most of the questions asked in teacher- class interaction was on pre-development of the lesson and discussion of the group activity. Preservice teachers perceived that reflective teaching through collaborative planning during internship yielded several benefits, namely: a) helps students think and analyze a problem, b) promotes interactive discussion in the classroom, c) teachers are able to plan ahead on the questions to be asked and expected answer from the students, and d) debriefing sessions enhance teaching skills.
Index terms / Keywords Reflective Teaching , Preservice Education and Intership