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Title Ang Pugad Baboy Bilang Maykrokosom ng 'Pinas: Pag-iistrip ng Pinoy Sosyo-Politiks sa Komiks Pragmatiks
Posted by Danilyn Abingosa
Authors Danilyn A. Tayag
Publication date 2015
Journal Mindanao Forum
Volume Vol. XXVIII, No. 2
Issue December 2015
Pages 151-168
Publisher Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension
Abstract Comics are first known as a simple reading material that entertains because of the amusing pictures and the conversations between characters. However, reading it critically shows that it does not only offer entertainment and amusement. Comics are instruments in the presentation of different social and political issues. Using the eight-volume compilation of Pugad Baboy comic strips of Pol Medina, Jr., these comic strips project the different socio-political pictures of the Philippines. The study shows that the comic strips of Pugad Baboy are projections of the Filipino populace from the highest character to the lowest in the different social institutions such as home, school, government, and church.
Index terms / Keywords pugad baboy, maykrokosom, komiks, pag-iistrip, sosyo-politiks