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Title An Assessment of the Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Procedure of Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology
Posted by Joana Marie Edera
Authors Edera, Joana Marie C.; Bari, Polaus M.; Resurreccion, Pamela F.; Manulat, Rhede Nelson J.
Abstract The 21st century teaching carries with it a complicated mix of challenges and opportunities that include changing student populations, globalization & internationalization of education, advancements in sciences & technology, competitions among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and pressures from government regulations. Mindanao State University -Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), a premier school in Southern Philippines has to be conscious about how it recruits and selects its teaching workforce, the faculty – the backbone of any academic institution. In a recent memorandum issued from the office of the Chancellor (MSU-IIT Memorandum, 2017), MSU-IIT constituents’ attention has been called to the value and importance of assessing the current procedures in the recruitment and hiring of faculty. Hence, this propels the urgency and the importance of conducting this study. A cross-sectional study in a form of descriptive research was executed to describe the current policies and practices in recruitment and selection of the different Colleges in MSU-IIT. Using survey method to collect primary data, the study was able to gain in-depth understanding of the current recruitment and selection practices of through the eyes of several chairperson and faculty of MSU-ITT. Despite a few challenges identified with recruitment and selection practices at MSU-IIT, it can be inferred that these practices have been proven effective to some extent. However, it is apparent that there is much to be done to improve the current system of the Institute. Firstly, MSU-IIT may design a common recruitment and selection manual that is widely available to all recruiting body especially the Chairperson. Secondly, a faculty handbook must be made available to all newly-hired employees. Last and most importantly, there must be a levelling of duties and responsibilities between the Human Resource Management Division and the Department in need of applicants. Since recruitment and selection happens within the jurisdiction of the Department or the College, it is one duty of HRMD to establish a common ground of policies and guidelines to all Colleges.
Index terms / Keywords Recruitment, Selection, Hiring, Orientation