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Title Assessment of Recruitment and Selection of Restaurants in Iligan City
Posted by Joana Marie Edera
Authors Edera, Joana Marie C.; Bari, Polaus M.; Resurreccion, Pamela F.; Manulat, Rhede Nelson J.; Encabo, Cheryl
Abstract One of the very significant objectives of Human Resource Management (HRM) is to acquire competent workforce for an organization. However, research on evaluation of recruitment and selection policies is rarely explored in Philippine studies. This underlines the lack of attention given to assessment of these two essential HRM functions prevalently in studies that involve Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs). Against this backdrop, a study on the assessment of recruitment and selection policies and practices in restaurants in Iligan City was conducted. A cross-sectional study in a form of descriptive research was executed to describe the current policies and practices in recruitment and selection of select medium, small and micro restaurants in Iligan City. Using survey method to collect primary data, the study was able to gain in-depth understanding of 35 select restaurants in Iligan City. Results show that most of the restaurants in the City do not have an existing HRM department, employing managers as recruitment representatives. Often, these managers do not apply definite recruitment and selections standards such as not scrutinizing qualifications of candidates in the level of education and experience. Managers also limit their recruitment sources to referrals and walk-ins. Hence, restaurants in Iligan City can enhance their recruitment capabilities through exploring other attractive sourcing strategies such as advertisements, internet postings and job fairs. They can also improve their screening strategies through continuing education for managers. Consequently, even if Restaurants in Iligan City do not have established HRM Departments, they can still properly recruit and hire through proper guidelines in the form of HRM policies. Above all, restaurants in Iligan City have to re-evaluate their recruitment and selection processes starting with workforce planning because the quest to find and retain the best talent begins even before candidates get to know about any vacancy in an organization.
Index terms / Keywords Recruitment, Selection, Hiring, Orientation