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Title A Topology on a Hyper BCI- algebra Generated by a Hyperorder
Posted by Sergio Jr. Canoy
Authors Canoy, Sergio Jr. ; Panganduyon, Michelle; Davvaz, Bivan
Abstract In this paper, we introduce an operator on a hyper BCI-algebra via application of a left hyperorder. The family consisting of the images of subsets under the operator turns out to ba a base.for aome topologu on the hyper BCI-algebra. We investigate so important properties of the induced topology on certain hyper BCI- algebras. In particular, we show thaat the generated topology on a non- trivial hyper BCI-algebra of an ordered hyper NCI- algebra coincides with the relative topology on this hyper subalgebra.
Index terms / Keywords hyper.NCI- algebra, topology, hyperorder, hyperatom