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Title On a collection of freshwater and estuarine crabs (Crustacea:Brachyura) from Mindanao Island, the Philippines
Posted by Olga Nueza
Authors Nickel Jean Lagare, Emmarie Mapiot, Ziljih Molina, Jemateo Neri, Olga M. Nuñeza, and Jose Christopher Mendoza
Publication date 2020/28/10
Journal Zootaxa
Volume 4868
Issue 3
Pages 301-330
Publisher Magnolia Press
Abstract The brachyuran fauna of the large southern Phillipine island of Mindanao is poorly known, with only a few freshwater and gesturing crab species described or recorded in the last 30 years. Renewed interest in crab biodiversity has led to recent, small-scale surveys (2016-2019) of freshwater and estuarine habitats in various localities in Mindanao, which have yielded a good diversity of brachyuran crabs. As a result, a total of 26 species of brachyuran crab, representing 6 families (Hymenosomatidae, Oziidae, Gecarcinidae, Sesarmidae, Varunidae, and Ocypodidae), are reported here. Of these, 15 species are new records for the main island of Mindanao, 6 of which are also new records for the Philippines. Remarks on the taxonomy, distibution, and natural history of these species are also provided.
Index terms / Keywords Decapoda, Gecarcinidae, Hymenosomatidae, Oziidae, Sesarmidae, Varunidae, faunistics, taxonomy
DOI https//doi.org10 11646/zootaxa4868 3 1
URL htts//