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Title Improving Science and Mathematics Teaching through Community of Learning
Posted by Everlita Canalita
Authors Buan, Amelia; Canalita, Everlita; Ebal, Crispin Jr; Flores, Maria Rebecca; Lasta, Neal Alfie; Luga, Mary Joy; Liwanag, Grace; Mordeno, Ivy Claire; Silva, Alma Gloria; Zabala, Dante Joma
Conference 3rd International Annual Meeting on STEM Education (I AM STEM 2020)
Abstract Abstract. A Community of Learning group composed of MSU-IIT CED faculty members and DepEd primary and secondary school teachers conducted a seminar-workshop on Science and Inquiry-based Learning and teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving. Both pedagogical techniques were implemented in Luinab Elementary School (LES) and Ubaldo D. Laya Memorial Central School (UDLMCS) in the context of a Lesson Study, wherein lesson study groups are formed to enable improvements in the created research lessons. The study specifically addresses the following research questions: A) describe the process of implementing the Lesson Study, both Science and Math subjects and B) determine the teachers’ perceptions towards Lesson Study.
Index terms / Keywords Community of Learning, Inquiry based Learning (IBL), Lesson Study (LS)