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Title Capability Building in Teaching Science through Inquiry based Learning
Posted by Everlita Canalita
Authors Canalita, Everlita; Buan, Amelia; Mordeno, Ivy Claire
Conference 3rd International Annual Meeting on STEM Education (I AM STEM 2020)
Abstract Abstract. The quality of education depends upon the capability of teachers in improving the performance of the students. The teachers’ professional upgrading contributes to an enjoyable and productive learning [1].This paper primarily aimed to present the evaluation results of DOST_SEI’s project STAR training for science teachers in Northern Mindanao from year 2015-2017. The training includes teaching science through inquiry-based learning (IBL), interdisciplinary contextualization (ICON) and Lesson Study (LS). Every training delivered by the team hopes to know how effective it’s been. Are the teacher participants applying their learning into practice? Does it have a good impact on the teaching-learning process? Hence, this paper made use of Kirkpatrick’s Training-Evaluation Model[15] which emphasizes the importance of making the training relevant to a teacher’s job using the four levels of evaluation such as reaction, learning, behavior and results. Data was collected after all the training has been done from 2015-2017 through 1) online survey, 1) Focus Group Discussion (FGD), 3) Interview (Supervisor and Student Interview Guides) and 4) Classroom Observation (Classroom Observation Notes and Rubric). Results showed that most of the trained participants have applied the content of the training in the classroom setting, few have shared it in small groups and others cascaded out to their respective divisions. Despite difficulty due to workload and paper works encountered, teachers have integrated interdisciplinary contextualization, considered inquiry experience in teaching science and most of all, recognized the benefits of lesson study as a community of learning.
Index terms / Keywords Capability building, Inquiry based Learning (IBL), Lesson Study (LS), Interdisciplinary Contextualization (ICON)