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Title Product Innovation, Acceptability and Cost Analysis of the White Variety of ‘Sibujing’ (Allium ampeloprasum) for Potential Beverage
Posted by Kayce Maye Michelle Casas
Authors Dapanas, Kayce Maye Michelle A.; Duero, Joan Grace G.
Publication date 2020/05/15
Journal Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
Volume 19
Issue 6
Pages 271-278
Publisher Science Alert
Abstract Background and Objective: Some types of new food product development involve combining two or more kinds of fruit and vegetable juices to produce a food that mixes nutritional values. Such new products present different and pleasant tastes, are recommended by the food industry and are well accepted by consumers. This study aimed to identify the natural plant sugars of the Allium Ampeloprasum and to determine the acceptability of a new beverage consisting of a mix of Allium ampeloprasum and apple, pineapple and lemon. Materials and Methods: A quantitative descriptive method was used to describe the level of acceptability of the Allium Ampeloprasum beverage. Qualitative data were used in the study to conduct a cost analysis. Two phases of evaluations were conducted. In the first phase of the evaluation, the acceptability of four different formulations for each fruit beverage was evaluated by ten experienced panelists using descriptive and sensory preferences. The results provided a base for choosing the most acceptable formulation to be evaluated by consumer-type panelists. Brix Determination was conducted to identify the natural plant sugar contents. Results: Allium Ampeloprasum contains 18.33 g of sugar/210 g. It can be seen that the sweetness is relatively high as it reaches 18.33% Brix. Results showed that all of the drinks evaluated are acceptable; however, the blend using pineapple has the highest acceptability as determined in the second phase of evaluation. Conclusion: In conclusion, a potential beverage using Allium ampeloprasum is a verified innovative idea that can be offered in addition to the usual drink choices.
Index terms / Keywords Allium Ampeloprasum, sibujing, apple, lemon, pineapple, potential beverage, sensory evaluation, cost-benefit analysis
DOI http://10.3923/pjn.2020.271.278