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Title Cooperative Learning Pedagogy: An Investigation of the Effectiveness to the Content Literacy in Assessment of DTTE Students
Posted by Kayce Maye Michelle Casas
Publication date 2020/09/11
Conference 13th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER) 2020:
Abstract This paper aimed to investigate the effectiveness of cooperative learning pedagogy to the content literacy in the Assessment of Learning II course on the selected Department of Technology Teacher Education (DTTE) students of College of Education, MSU-IIT, Iligan City. It utilized the descriptive correlational research design. In order to have the essential information needed in this study, a questionnaire, divided five (5) parts that would determine the students’ significant experiences during their cooperative learning, the learners’ attitudes towards Cooperative Learning, and the contributions of Cooperative Learning to the content literacy. The results showed that most of the respondents belonged to 20-21 years old and dominantly females. The majority of the respondents are Roman Catholics. The respondents had better experiences with Cooperative Learning when they are comfortable working with the group. Students strongly agreed that cooperative learning provides the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork and acknowledge the individual differences among learners thus enhances their social skills. It is clearly implied that the students agreed that Cooperative Learning is meaningful and interesting when it is used as a teaching-learning strategy. It gave the students motivation and interest to learn the lesson which resulted in invaluable experiences in Cooperative Learning. Further studies may be conducted to promote the efficacy of Cooperative Learning among other fields of courses and disciplines.
Index terms / Keywords content literacy, cooperative learning, pedagogy