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Title The Role of Extracurricular Activities to MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology College of Education's Student Personalities
Posted by Kayce Maye Michelle Casas
Authors Dapanas, Kayce Maye Michelle ; Daguisonan, Sheila Marie; Luman, Dhayana; Pabatang, Osuardo Jr.; Pacas, Shaira Micah
Publication date 2020/09/11
Conference 13th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER) 2020:
Abstract The study examines the role of extracurricular activities in the student’s personalities. It utilized a descriptive method to conduct the study. Using a modified questionnaire. Each part contains an item that needs to answer by the respondents. The questionnaire was then administered to 50 students. The researchers used Computer Software, IBM SPSS Statistics, using frequency counts and percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation. These statistical tools were used to interpret data gathered determining students' perception of the role of extracurricular activities to their personality. The result of the study showed that participating in the extracurricular activities would help in the development of student’s personality as they learn to improve their social interaction to be more involved inside the class and develop the student’s skills in terms of self- confidence, leadership, and other good qualities that they could use for their future career path. It was recommended that the administration and the parents may support the students in their extracurricular activities and see the importance of extracurricular activities and deepen their interest in support to the students.
Index terms / Keywords activities, extracurricular, students personality