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Title Fabrication of Mechanical Paper Shredder: An Instructional Idea
Posted by Vanessa Zabala
Authors Vanessa B. Zabala, Osuardo A. Pabatang Jr. , Yolanda P. Garcia, Joehoney N. Macaraeg, Janice Vertudez, Julie Ann Bungabong, Arjay Labunog, and Robert Petalcorin
Conference 13th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER2020)
Abstract Abstract: Handmade paper recycling process, which is done manually amongst students, is one of the basic topics in Graphic Arts subjects under the undergraduate program BTLEd Industrial Arts. Manual paper shredding is taking too much of the laboratory hours for students. With this kind of challenge alongside with time constraint, an instructional innovation aimed to reduce time spent in paper shredding through fabricating a mechanical paper shredder was conducted. This study aimed to evaluate the acceptability, ergonomics, quality, usability, maintainability and reliability test of the fabricated mechanical paper shredder. The evaluation was made by the purposively selected ten (10) faculty members and forty (40) students of the College of Education. Based on the results of the study conducted, the faculty members evaluated the fabricated mechanical shredder as highly acceptable for ergonomics (3.58), usability (3.46), maintainability (3.26) and reliability (3.58). While the affordability gained the lowest rating of 3.22, which is described as acceptable. On the other hand, students evaluated the affordability, ergonomics, usability, quality and maintainability and reliability as highly acceptable. Based on the findings of the study it is concluded that the paper shredder machine conform to the identified criteria for fabricated machines. It is recommended therefore that the design, appearance and quality of the paper shredder may be reviewed by other experts for patent application.
Index terms / Keywords : instructional innovation, fabrication, paper shredder, and paper recycling