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Title Adequacy of Instructional Materials Used by Teachers in Teaching Technology and Livelihood Education
Posted by Vanessa Zabala
Authors Vanessa B. Zabala, Judith A. Magnetico, Avril Joy R. Ramayan, Shela H.Albarico, Mirasol O. Tagura, Riah L. Visitacion
Publication date 2014/1/30
Conference International Conference on Law Education and Humanities
Abstract Abstract--- This study aimed to look at the adequacy of the Instructional Materials used in Teaching TLE as Perceived by the 4th year BSE TLE Students. It sought to answer the following questions: (1) Do the instructional materials support the achievement of the BSE- TLE curriculum as perceived by the respondents?; (2) Are the instructional materials in BSE- TLE adequate as perceived by the respondents?; (3) Are the instructional materials in teaching TLE are appropriate and updated? A modified questionnaire was used in gathering the data. There were 47 fourth year students currently enrolled in BSE TLE program at MSU-IIT who served as the respondents of the study. The data gathered was computed using the weighted mean and frequency count. Based on the results, it was found out that the instructional materials used in teaching TLE limited with the needs of the curriculum. This unalignment implies that there is a need to review the instructional materials to suit the needs of the curriculum. The overall mean rating of 3.48 indicates that the respondents agree on the statements regarding the help of the instructional materials in the achievement of the BSE TLE program, its goals and objectives and content standards. Concerning the adequacy of the instructional materials used in teaching TLE, it was revealed that there are available instructional materials for all the areas in the TLE program and there is enough classroom and space utilized for placement of instructional tools, machine and equipment. However, the overall mean of 2.36 shows that there is an inadequate instructional material in relation to the number of students enrolled. The following subjects were rated as the top 5 having inadequate books/published or printed instructional materials: (1) Carpentry, (2) Electricity and Electronics, (3) Agriculture, (4) Clothing Construction, (5) cosmetology. This is followed by the top 5 subjects with inadequate units of tools, equipment and machines: (1) Computer Aided Drafting, (2) Carpentry, (3) Clothing construction, (4) electricity and Electronics, (5) Agriculture. Because of this inadequacy, the students experienced buying their own materials and tools. The following shows that the top 5 TLE subjects where students bought their own materials and tools are: (1) Clothing Construction, (2) Electricity and Electronics, (3) Handicrafts, (4) Carpentry, (5) Cosmetology. These findings must be given attention by the school administrators to be included in the purchase of tools and equipment for instructional purposes.
Index terms / Keywords Keywords—Adequacy, Instructional, Livelihood, Technology